Year: 2014

Why Life Insurance? 7 Things Your Policy Covers

Life insurance is something people in many different situations and stages of life should consider. Even knowing this, you may still wonder why life insurance would be a good fit for you. Check out the following list to understand what kinds of expenses life insurance can cover. You and your loved ones will have greater peace of mind knowing exactly why life insurance could play... Read Article

Join ERIE at the International Festival of Raleigh

Raleigh is one of America’s fastest growing cities. It’s also becoming one of the most diverse. This weekend, experience the cultures of more than 50 different local ethnic groups during the 29th annual International Festival of Raleigh. The event, which takes place at the Raleigh Convention Center on Sept. 19-21, features dancing, cultural exhibits, music, great eats and more. International Focus Inc. sponsors the event.... Read Article

How to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy

It’s estimated that there is $1 billion worth of forgotten and lost life insurance policies in America. Could you be among the estimated 1 in 600 people who may be the beneficiary of an unclaimed life insurance policy? If so, there are ways to find a lost life insurance policy. Here are some tips to help. Comb the house. Sometimes the thing we’re missing is... Read Article

Video: NFL Great Boomer Esiason’s Life Insurance Lesson

Imagine this scenario: Two teenagers and a 7-year-old are suddenly in a single-parent household when their mother succumbs to cancer. Their father is doing the best he can. Yet a three-hour, round-trip commute to work makes it challenging to be there as much as he wants to be there for his children. And the struggle isn’t just one of time: The children’s mother had no... Read Article

Infographic: Father’s Day Facts

... Read Article